Fray Miguel de Herrera, Nun's Badge with the Immaculate Conception and Saints

Oil on vellum
Fundación Cultural Daniel Liebsohn, Mexico City

This is a combination of Immaculate Conception and Coronation image types, with the Trinity poised to place the crown on Mary, who as the Immaculate Conception stands on a crescent moon with her hands clasped in prayer. Because of the coronation, she does not have the usual circle of stars around her head.

The Trinity is of the type that was becoming standard in the 18th century, with Father and Son pictured as an old and a young man respectively and the dove between them representing the Holy Spirit.

In Mexico at the time badges of this type were popular among nuns and were often, as one can see, quite elaborate.

In the margin of the image are (clockwise from the top):

  1. The Trinity
  2. St. Joseph (lily stalk, Christ Child)
  3. St. Catherine of Alexandria (crown, wheel)
  4. Possibly St. Philip Neri (heart on chest, lily stalk)
  5. St. Jerome (red cape, pen and book)
  6. St. Bonaventure (Franciscan habit, dove in ear, pen and book)
  7. St. Stanislaus Kostka (untonsured youth with lily stalk, crucifix) or St. Aloysius Gonzaga (similar attributes and garb, both are represented in Mexican art of this period)
  8. St. Bridget of Sweden (crown of three bands, writing her Rule)
  9. St. Rosalia of Palermo (rose garland, skull, lily stalk, crucifix)
  10. St. Mary Magdalene (ointment jar)
  11. St. Rose of Lima (rose garland, lily stalk, Christ Child)
  12. St. Anthony of Padua (Franciscan habit, Christ Child, tonsure)
  13. St. Gertrude of Helfta (heart, crozier, Christ Child)
  14. St. Rita of Cascia (Augustinian nun, wound in forehead, crucifix)
  15. St. Teresa of Avila (Dominican habit, pen and book, crown shaped like Avila city walls)
  16. St. Ignatius Loyola (black cassock and cape, book with the Jesuit motto ad maiorem dei gloriam)
  17. St. Francis of Assisi (Franciscan habit, stigmata, crucifix)
  18. St. Nicholas of Myra (bag of gold, bishop's mitre and processional cross)
  19. St. Augustine (heart, bishop's mitre and crozier)
  20. St. Barbara (tower, crown, lily stalk)
  21. St. Michael the Archangel (wings, armor, cross)

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