Scenes from the Passion of St. Vincent of Saragossa and the History of His Relics

Pot-metal glass with vitreous paint, 147 x 43½ inches (373.4 x 110.5 cm.)
Metropolitan Museum of Art

In the bottom register (see detail) the provost Dacian orders his men to arrest St. Vincent and his bishop Valerian. The servant on the left holds the chain with which he will bind the two Christians. In the next scene the servant has put the chain on Valerian and St. Vincent (see detail of the left side), who have been arraigned before the provost (see detail of the right side).

The horsemen just above the arraignment scene (see detail) are taking a relic of St. Vincent to the church of St. Germain des Prés in Paris, for which this window was originally created.

Above the horsemen the story continues with Dacian ordering the execution of the two Christians (see detail). Above that we see, on the left, how St. Vincent's body was thrown into the sea with a millstone attached to the neck (see detail).  The man with the trumpet on the right and the angel with a censer at the top do not correspond to anything in the Golden Legend.

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Source: Metropolitan Museum of Art