Lorenzo Lotto, The Legend of St. Brigid: The Charity of St. Brigid

Suardi Chapel, Trescore, Italy

Suardi Chapel,Trescore, Italy

The scene below left conflates episodes where the saint gives meat and drink to the poor. Here she blesses the water in the pails (turning it into beer) and the food in the apron of the woman on the left.

The Web Gallery of Art's annotation of this scene identifies the food as the meat Cogitosus says was taken to a poor man in Brigid's white apron without staining it.1 The apron here belongs to the lay woman and is not white, but the identification may be accurate nonetheless.

Behind the food-and-drink scene, the saint cures a blind man. This episode is in Cogitosus, though the poor man guiding him is only in the Saint-Omer Vita.2

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Source: Web Gallery of Art

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