Adriaen Isenbrant
The Crucifixion with SS. Michael, Andrew, and Francis of Assisi

First half of the 16th century
Oak panel, 127.3 x 81.2 cm
Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest

The figures in the foreground cover the vast stretch of time from the fall of Satan, who lies beneath St. Michael's foot, through the apostolic era signified by St. Andrew, to the present age represented by St. Francis. Andrew's attribute is the X-shaped "cross saltire." Francis is identified by his Franciscan habit and by the "stigmata," the wounds in his hands and feet.

Behind these three is a typical Crucifixion scene. Mary and John flank the dead Christ while Mary Magdalene embraces the feet she had once anointed.

The background makes an ironic statement. An army marches to war, its soldiers clad in armor just like St. Michael.

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Source: Wikimedia Commons