Various Artists, The Life of St. Paul

Oil on canvas
Basilica of St. Paul Outside the Walls

In 1857-60 Pope Pius IX commissioned a series of paintings to trace Paul's life as set forth in the Acts of the Apostles. The paintings are displayed in the clerestories of the nave and transept of St. Paul Outside the Walls. I have photos of most of them listed below. To see a picture, hover your mouse over the title. For further information, click on the title.

The Blinding of the False Prophet Paul and Barnabas Taken for Gods Paul is Stoned in Lystra
The Vision of the Macedonian The Exorcism of the Slave Girl Paul and Silas Whipped in Philippi
The Jailer Believes Paul Preaching Paul at the Home of Aquila and Priscilla
Books and Scrolls are Burned Paul Revives Eutychus Paul Leaves Miletus
Paul is Warned about the Jerusalem Mob Paul Agrees to Take the Nazirites to the Temple Paul is Dragged from the Temple
Paul is Arrested Paul is Sent to Rome Jesus Gives His Assurances
Paul Before Publius in Malta The Storm The Viper in Malta
Martyred in Rome    

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Source of the above photo (marked by me to show where the paintings are): Antoine Taveneaux via Wikimedia Commons