Saint Robert of Molesme: The Iconography

In the monastery of Molesme, in Gaul, St. Robert. He was the first Cistercian abbot. – Roman Martyrology for April 29

St. Robert founded the monasteries at Cîteaux and Molesme that laid the groundwork for the Cistercian Order. The few images of him that I have seen have him in the Cistercian habit but do not use any other identifying attributes. The statue at right does show him holding ma­quettes of the two monasteries.

Prepared in 2014 by Richard Stracke, Emeritus Professor of English, Augusta University, revised 2015-11-13.


St. Robert of Molesme. See the description page.

Odazi, Altarpiece of St. Robert, 1726 (See the description page.)


  • Feast day: April 29
  • Lived circa 1029-1111