Saint Remigius: The Iconography

In Rheims, France, the natal day Not his birthday but the day he died and was "born again" into Heaven of St. Remigius, Bishop and Confessor. He converted the Franks to Christ when he baptized Clovis, their king. After many years as a bishop he left this life renowned for sanctity and for glorious miracles. His feast is most commonly celebrated on October 1, the day on which his sacred body was translated "Translation" is a rite in which a saint's body is moved to a church or chapel more suitable for honoring him or her. .

As a bishop, St. Remigius is almost always portrayed wearing a mitre. Unlike many bishop saints who are shown in chasubles, he often wears a rich cope over an alb, as at right.

Remigius is important as the man who baptized Clovis, the first king of the Franks to adopt the Christian faith. In San Luigi dei Francesi in Venice, a cycle of frescoes follows the story as told in the Golden Legend: Clovis vows that he will accept Christ if he defeats the Alemans, he wins the battle, and then he is baptized and anointed with a flask of oil brought by the Holy Spirit.

Prepared in 2015 by Richard Stracke, Emeritus Professor of English, Augusta University


Levieux, St. Remigius Cures the Blind Man, 17th century (See description page)


  • Feast day: October 1
  • Died 530 or 533


  • In France the saint's name is St. Rémy