Palm Sunday Christ

Polychrome; glass eyes; wig; solid ass; white ribbon harness decorated with plastic flowers. Four feet tall (122 cm.) from animal's hoof to head of Christ
Church of Santo Domingo Diaz Ordaz, Oaxaca, Mexico

Jesus on an ass with a woven eye-of-God on staff in his right hand.

The figure is in excellent condition, with deterioration showing only in some absent gesso and visible linen where the carved neck meets the shaped-cloth body. The hands and feet are also carved and added to the body at sleeves and hem. Under the wig, there is long, carved hair. All the paint is in excellent condition.

The pattern of the robe is a 4-pointed feather and paisley design in gold on red and with a wide gold border. A white undergarment can be seen at the neckline. The cape is black-green and gold with small flowers and paisley edged in a deep border of gold.

The figure fits perfectly on the ass, but the ass is of folk manufacture with little detailing. It has flat eyes and long, paddle-like ears. It is painted a glossy dark brown. The muzzle is of a lighter color. The white ribbon harness is tied to the Christ's left hand and the cross/scutum/God's eye is tied to the right wrist. Easter palms have been stuck through the weaving of the God's eye. Plastic home-made flowers decorate the harness and the God's eye.

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Photographed at the church by Claire and Richard Stracke, shared under Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license.