St. John at the Last Supper in an initial S

Zurich, 1260-80
Ink on parchment
MS. MsWettF 2, folio 176r
Aargauer Kantonsbibliothek, Aarau, Switzerland

Above the illustration is the rubric, Explicit epistola sancti iohannis secunda. Incipit eiusdem tercia. – "St. John's second letter ends. His third begins." The "S" of Senior (the first Latin word of 3 John:1) is formed by the snake-like creature with the bird-like head behind Jesus and John.

As in many other Last Suppers, the meal before them is a fish rather than a lamb. To the left of the fish are two hosts (one broken) and a chalice, alluding to the contemporary form of the Eucharistic ritual.

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Source: e-Codices