Limbourg Brothers, The Woman with the Flow of Blood

Circa 1411-1416
Tempera on vellum
Très Riches Heures du duc de Berry
Condé Museum, Chantilly, France

The two narratives depicted here are in Matthew 9, Mark 5, and Luke 8. A synagogue official named Jairus, the bearded man talking to Jesus, asks his help for his dying daughter, who is pictured on the far right. Jesus agrees to go to the girl, and the crowd pictured behind him goes along to see what will happen.

This first narrative then pauses while the second is related. The woman in red has long suffered from chronic hemorrhaging. She touches the hem of Jesus' cloak hoping that will cure her. It does. Then Jesus asks who has touched her and she falls to the ground and admits it was she. He replies, "Take heart, daughter, thy faith hath saved thee."

The first narrative then continues with the news that the girl has died. Undeterred and counseling faith, Jesus goes to the girl's bed and calls her to arise.

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Source: Wikimedia Commons.