Makarios Zographos
Pelagonitissa ("The Virgin with the Playing Child")

Icon from the monastery of Zrze, North Macedonia
Art Gallery of Skopje

This icon exemplifies a type well known in the Orthodox churches and also influential in the west. In this type the child throws back his head and grabs at his mother's chin, veil, or hair.

The inscription right of the Virgin's head, ΠΕΛΑΓΟΝΙΤΙCΑ is Pelagonitis[s]a in Greek. According to the genre's Wikipedia page it was associated with the city of Pelagonia (now Bitola, in North Macedonia). The letters ΜΡ ΘV at the top abbreviate the Greek for "Mother of God," and the IC XC on the left abbreviates the Greek for "Jesus Christ."

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Source: this page at Wikimedia Commons.