St. Valeria and St. Martial

Stained glass
Apse, Cathedral of St. Stephen
Limoges, France

According to a late form of her legend, Valeria was converted by St. Martial and then broke her engagement to a pagan official named Stephen, who had her beheaded but later repented and became a Christian. On the left, she holds her decapitated head chest-high. This pose echoes those used for other beheaded martyrs in France, such as St. Denis and St. Hilarian of Espalion. As with those images, hers puts a halo where the head ought to be.

On the right, St. Martial wears a mitre and holds the staff that St. Peter gave him to effect the revival of his companion St. Austridinian. The artists has given the saint a "pallium," the Y-shaped white cloth strip marked with ✚ symbols, in consideration of a local tradition of claiming the status of "apostle" for St. Martial. Normally, the pallium is worn only by the Pope and certain important archbishops.

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Source: Wikimedia Commons.