Johann Heinrich Störchlin, The Theban Legion Prays for Solothurn

First third of the 18th century
Zentralbibliothek Solothurn, Solothurn, Switzerland

The Latin motto below the engraving means "Fortunate Solothurn! Now and at every hour Ursus prays endlessly for you." The two men in front are Ursus and his colleague Victor. The angels with laurel wreaths remind one that they were martyrs. The radiating haloes around their severed heads refer to the time of their martyrdom when "there appeared over them as it were rays from the sun." Their kneeling refers to the miracle by which, though beheaded and cast into the river, they came ashore and "kneeled on the ground for about an hour's time in the sight of all, and prayed endlessly."

The men in the background would be the others in the Theban Legion, who were beheaded some time earlier in Agaunum (St. Mauritz). All wear a more or less accurate version of what the historical Roman soldier wore, with a cape, breastplate, and apron of leather strips over a short tunic.

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Source: this page at Wikimedia Commons.