Pskov School
The Pskov Nativity

16th or 17th century (estimated)
Pskov Museum, Pskov, Russia

This icon follows the ancient iconography of the Nativity. The locale is a cave. Mary's bed parallels the child's manger but is separate from it and distinct. As always, the ox and ass have approached the manger. The midwives bathe the child in the lower right corner, and in the lower left St. Joseph rests his cheek on his left hand.

The magi and shepherds are not always present in traditional icons, however. The shepherds enter from on the right, and from the left the three kings bring their gifts. The star that guided them is in the upper center, casting three rays on the cave.

The man in black addressing St. Joseph appears in many Greek and especially Russian icons of the Nativity. According to Tradigo (106) he is a "shepherd-demon" who has come to tempt Joseph.

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Source: this page at Wikimedia Commons.