Joseph Christ, St. Ambrose's Vision of St. Martin

St. Martin's Church, Horgau, Bavaria (ceiling of the nave)

The Golden Legend says that on the same day as St. Martin's death in Tours:

St. Ambrose, bishop of Milan, sang mass, and slept upon the altar between the lesson [reading] of the prophecy and the epistle, and none durst wake him, and the subdeacon durst not read the epistle without his leave. And when he had slept the space of three hours they awoke him, and said: Sire, the hour is passed and the people be weary for to abide, wherefore command that the clerk read the epistle. And he said to them: Be not angry. Martin my brother is passed unto God, and I have done the office of his departing and burying, and I could no sooner accomplish ne make an end of the last orison because ye hasted me so sore.
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Source: G. Freihalter via this page at Wikimedia Commons.