St. Isidore the Laborer and His Wife María Torribia

Romería wagon with clothed wooden statues ("santos")
Villa de Torrelaguna, Madrid, Spain

A romería is a pilgrimage or procession to a religious shrine. In Torrelaguna's romería the people process to the ancient hermitage of María Torribia, by way of some of the town's churches, accompanied by a yoke of oxen pulling the cart shown here.

The santo of Isidore has the short beard and garb that will be familiar to those who have seen his painted images: a short jacket with a broad white collar, short pants, and leggings. Both figures have haloes although María Torriba is officially a "servant of God" and has never actually been canonized. 

The Wikimedia page dates this photograph from April 13, 2013. However, Torrelaguna's romería traditionally takes place in the first two weeks of June.

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Source: Kronos Torre via this page at Wikimedia Commons.