Ventura Salimbeni
A Miracle of St. Hyacinth

Church of Santo Spirito, Siena

This fresco combines three miracles related in St. Hyacinth's legend (Acta Sanctorum, August vol. 3, 318-19, 340-42). The pregnant woman on the left, Felicia Grufzouska, was barren through twenty years of marriage until she asked St. Hyacinth to pray for her. He did, and she became pregnant by her husband soon afterwards.

A noble matron named Vitoslauska is in the center with a companion and her two sons who were born blind. At her request the saint prayed for the boys and they received their sight.

The woman at Hyacinth's feet is Przybislauska of Serniky. Her son Vislaus had drowned in the river Raba and she and her friends were weeping on the shore when the saint approached with his companion, Brother Clement. In the fresco Clement is the man behind St. Hyacinth, and the friends stand in the background. As shown, Przybislauska threw herself at the saint's feet and asked him to pray for the boy. After he knelt and prayed, Vislaus's dead body floated to the shore and after further prayers was restored to life.

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Source: Wikimedia Commons