St. Dorothy and the Basket Miracle

14th century
Church of St. Matthew, Murau, Styria (Austria)

It would seem that the right side of this fresco pictures St. Dorothy telling the child to take the apples and roses to Theophilus, and that the left side shows him doing so. Theophilus's halo would be explained by his subsequent conversion and martyrdom.

However, the adult on the left seems to be dressed as a woman, so it is possible that the two halves represent two successive moments: On the left the child arrives with the basket, and on the right Dorothy requests that he take it to Theophilus.

In this other fresco in St. Matthew's the boy has a golden basket, as in Caxton's version. As in the fresco above, Dorothy wears a crown and points with her right hand while her left holds a stalk of roses and apples. See the description page for this image.

However, neither of these hypotheses would explain why the boy on the right has no basket, as he clearly does in another fresco in the same church, shown at left.

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Source: Wolfgang Sauber via Wikimedia Commons