The Virgin and Child with Saints

Stained Glass
Church of the Assumption, Kelheim, Germany

The saint on the left is Louis IX of France, holding his attribute, the Crown of Thorns for which he built the Sainte Chapelle in Paris. The figure on the right may be St. Joan of France, the only other French royal to be declared a saint. The finial on her sceptre appears to be a fleur-de-lis, emblem of French royalty. Her three-pointed crown appears in some images of St. Joan and is mentioned in the introduction to the article on her in the Acta Sanctorum (February vol. 1, 576).

As for the gray object in her left hand, it does not appear elsewhere in images of St. Joan, nor can I find any element in her vita that would explain it satisfactorily. It looks like the business end of a spade, so as a guess it might be related to a miracle cited in the Beatification Process of 1617, in which several workers digging a deep well fell in but were saved through St. Joan's intercession (Acta Sanctorum, ibid., 588).

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Photographed at the church by Richard Stracke, shared under Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license.