Antonio Vivarini
The Santa Sabina Altarpiece

Church of San Zaccaria, Venice

Santa Sabina stands in the middle of the lower tier with crown, book, and the palm branch of martyrdom. Her name is on the round pedestal where she stands.

To the left St. Jerome in his cardinal's garb holds a church and a book. A small lion can be seen at his left foot.

Above him is St. Margaret of Antioch, holding a book and piercing the mouth of a dragon with a Cross of Lorraine. As usual, she has long, blond hair.

To the right, another virgin martyr holds a book and palm branch. Without further attributes or labeling she is hard to identify, but paired as she is with Margaret she could be St. Euprepia, whose relics Bokenham claims were translated from Antioch along with Margaret's, or St. Felicity, whose body he says was for some years kept with Margaret's in a church in Italy (Bokenham, 22, 25).

Below her is another unidentified martyr. He holds a hammer similar to the kind often seen with Saint Eligius, who was however not a martyr.

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Photographed at the site by Richard Stracke, shared under Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license.