Fra Angelico, Scenes from the Story of St. Nicholas

Tempera on wood, full panel is 13.4 x 23.6 in. (34 x 60 cm.)
Pinacoteca Vaticana

The three paintings on the predella of the Perugia Triptych depict the story of St Nicholas.

This is the first predella panel, showing the saint's birth, his vocation, and his gift of dowries to three maidens. According to the first part of the Golden Legend's life of Nicholas he was a precocious infant, able to stand up in his washing-basin just minutes after being born, as shown on the left side of this image.

The right side depicts the saint's anonymous gift of gold to the poor man with three daughters, another episode from the Golden Legend.

In the middle we see St. Nicholas attending the sermon that inspired him to become a priest; this episode is not in the Golden Legend.

View a detail of the left side of this panel
View a detail of the right side of this panel
View the second panel of the predella
View a detail from the third predella panel

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Source: Web Gallery of Art