Hieronymus Bosch
Ecce Homo

Tempera and oil on oak panel, 28 x 24 in. (71 x 61 cm.)
Städelsches Kunstinstitut, Frankfurt

This is a literal rendering of John 19:1-6. Having had Jesus scourged, Pilate displays him in the purple cloak and crown of thorns to a crowd led by the chief priests and guards. Instead of a halo, Bosch places a suggestion of a cross behind Jesus' head.

Pilate's words, Ecce homo, "Behold the man" are inscribed in the space above and to the left of Christ's head. The crowd's words, Crucifige eum, "Crucify him" can also be seen inscribed vertically in the space above the crowd and just to the right of the hem of Pilate's garment. The meditative purpose of the image is emphasized by the inscription Salve nos Christe redemptor, "Save us, Christ Redeemer," placed as if coming from the mouth of one of the donors in the lower left of the painting.

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Source: Web Gallery of Art