Guidoccio Cozzarelli (1450-1517), Stories from the Life of St. Barbara: The Tower with Three Windows

Four predella paintings, tempera on wood panel
Pinacoteca Vaticana, Rome
The quotations accompanying the photos below are from the Caxton translation of the Golden Legend.

1. Barbara orders a third window to be installed in the tower in honor of the Trinity.

Then St. Barbara, the ancille [handmaid] of our Lord Jesu Christ, descended from the tower for to come see the work of her father, and anon she perceived that there were but two windows only, that one against the south, and that other against the north, whereof she was much abashed and amarvelled, and demanded of the workmen why they had not made no more windows, and they answered that her father had so commanded and ordained.

Then St. Barbara said to them: Make me here another window.

They answered: Dame, we fear and dread to anger your father, which commanded us to make no more ne we dare not therefore make no more.

The blessed maid said: Do and make that I command you, and I shall content my father, and shall excuse you against him.
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2. Barbara's father Dioscorus chases her into the hills.

Then he being replenished with furor, incontinent drew his sword to have slain her, but the holy virgin made her prayer and then marvellously she was taken in a stone and borne into a mountain on which two shepherds kept their sheep, the which saw her fly. And then her father, which pursued after her, went unto the shepherds and demanded after her. And that one, which would have preserved her, said that he had not seen her, but that other, which was an evil man, showed and pointed her with his finger, whom the holy St. Barbara cursed, and anon his sheep became locusts, and he consumed into a stone.
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3. At Dioscorus's insistence, the judge has her tortured.

Then became the judge all wood [incensed] and angry, and commanded to unclothe her and beat her with sinews of bulls, and frot her flesh with salt, and when she had long endured this, that her body was all bloody, the judge did do close her in a prison unto the time that he had deliberated of what torments he might make her die.
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4. Dioscorus beheads his daughter and is then struck by a fire from Heaven

She came to her father and received the end of her martyrdom with St. Julian. But when her father descended from the mountain, a fire from heaven descended on him, and consumed him in such wise that there could not be found only ashes of all his body.
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Photographed at the Vatican Museums by Richard Stracke, shared under Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license.