The Martyrdom of Saint Lawrence

England, circa 1175-1180
Pot metal glass, vitreous paint; 25 9/16 x 12⅝ in. (65 x 32 cm.)
The Cloisters, New York City

"Contrary to iconographic convention, Saint Lawrence appears in supplication, amid bands of fire, rather than stretched out on the grill. This representation reflects the writings of both Saints Augustine and Ambrose, which relate that Saint Lawrence conquered the fire without – shown here licking at his feet – with the three fires within: those inflamed by the ardor of faith, the love of Christ, and the true knowledge of God, which are represented here by the bands of fire at waist and shoulder level and by the column of fire above his head."

–Online commentary by the Metropolitan Museum of Art

The inscription at the top is SANCTUS LORENTIUS ORA PRO NOBIS, "St. Lawrence, pray for us."

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Source: Metropolitan Museum of Art