Francesco Traini
The Triumph of St. Thomas Aquinas

Circa 1349
Tempera on wood, 147.6 x 101.6 in. (375 x 258 cm.)
Santa Caterina, Pisa

Aristotle and Plato stand to the left and right; Averroes lies beneath the circle that inscribes the saint. Ranged above him, left to right, are SS. Luke and Matthew with their attributes, two other saints (other Doctors of the Church?), and SS. John and Mark with their attributes.

The volume of scripture standing on Thomas's lap is open to Proverbs 8:7, Veritatem meditabitur guttur meum et labia mea detestabuntur impium, "my mouth will meditate on truth, and my lips will detest the impious man."

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Source: Web Gallery of Art