St. Francis Solanus

All Saints Cathedral, Santa Fe, New Mexico

According to Navarro, the saint would often play his lute before a statue of the Virgin Mary (Acta Sanctorum, July vol. 5, 877-78). This modern painting substitutes a more familiar violin for the lute.

Images of Franciscan saints in Spain and New Mexico sometimes feature blue habits. Some branches of the order in Spain and the Americas did wear blue in honor of the belief in the Immaculate Conception of Mary The belief that Mary was free of original sin (the sinfulness that humans are said to inherit from Adam and Eve) from the moment of her conception. . In most branches the practice ended after 1854, when the belief was proclaimed to be Catholic dogma (Dominguez, 264; Carillo, 148).

There are no birds in Navarro's account. Perhaps the artist added them because they are associated with the Franciscan John Capistrano and with St. Francis himself.

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Source: Wikimedia Commons