Stefan Lochner, The Martyrdom of Saints Simon and Jude

First half of the 15th century
Stadelsches Kunstinstitut, Frankfurt, Germany

The Golden Legend says that in a city of Persia called Samir the pagan priests "butchered" or "slaughtered" (trucidarunt) the Apostles Simon and Jude. This image captures the notion of "slaughter" with the chaotic multiplicity of weapons and attackers.

The artist does not include a bucksaw, though that is the most common attribute in portraits of St. Simon. The sword held by the priest in white is called a "falchion" and is shaped much like some knives in medieval images of butcher shops.

In the left background one of the demons of Samir cries out (as the Legend has it), "What will these apostles of the living God do to us? Lo! how we be burnt by flames in their entering into this city."

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Source: Wikimedia Commons