The Martyrdom of St. Simon

Church of St. Simon, São Simão, São Paulo, Brazil

One early tradition, rejected by most medieval martyrologies, had it that St. Simon died by crucifixion in Jerusalem at the order of a consul named Atticus during the reign of Trajan. The most accepted tradition had it that he was "butchered" in Persia by pagan priests. This image has it both ways: Atticus is enthroned at right and three servants are tying Simon to a cross, while at the same time two other servants are cutting him in two with a bucksaw.

One way or the other, Simon is a martyr and the angel is arriving from Heaven with palm branch and laurel crown. The scene in Heaven features an angelic choir and depicts the Trinity in an iconographic type that has been popular since the 16th century.

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Source: Wikimedia Commons