Pietro Maggi
The Angel Appears to St. Monica

Church of St. Mark, Milan

This apparition is described in Augustine's Confessions (III, 11). In a dream, Monica…

…saw herself standing on a sort of wooden rule, and saw a bright youth approaching her, joyous and smiling at her, while she was grieving and bowed down with sorrow. But when he inquired of her the cause of her sorrow and daily weeping (not to learn from her, but to teach her, as is customary in visions) and when she answered that it was my soul's doom she was lamenting, he bade her rest content and told her to look and see that where she was there I was also. And when she looked she saw me standing near her on the same rule.
St. Mark's in Milan is an Augustinian church.

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Source: Giovanni dall'Orto via Wikimedia Commons