The Arrival of the Body of St. Mark in Venice

17th century
Mosaic, from a lunette by Pietro Vecchio
Second lunette from the right, west façade of St. Mark's Basilica

This image portrays quite faithfully the words of the account in the Acta Sanctorum (Apr. vol. 3, 355): After a message of welcome from the Doge,

Venetiam redeunt; cumque ad portum Olivolensem venissent, egressus Ursus Episcopus loci illius cum Crucibus, & omnibus ministrorum ordinibus, indutis sacerdotalibus tunicis, reverentissime corpori obviant, suscipientesque illud, duxerunt ad palatium Ducis.

"They went back to Venice. When they arrived at the Olive Port [in Castello], Ursus the Bishop of Castello met the most reverend body along with cross-bearers and all the orders of the clergy in their priestly vestments. They then led the body to the palace of the Doge."
The mosaics shown here cover several stages of the event. The right section of the arch shows the sailors leaving Alexandria and its turbaned denizens with full sail. The background of the lunette has them arriving and hoisting their sail. In the foreground we see the sailors on the left, the cross-bearer in the middle dressed as an acolyte, and on the right Ursus in his mitre and the various clergy in their vestments. In the left section of the arch two sailors off-load the coffin while the clergy watch; the sailor in blue is also seen on the far left of the lunette.

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Source: Nino Barbieri via Wikimedia Commons