St. Hermagoras with SS. Fortunatus and Syrus

12th century
Crypt, Apuleia Cathedral, Apuleia, Italy

In the center Hermagoras stands in orant pose, flanked by two deacons in dalmatics who gesture to the Gospel in book and scroll form. The taller deacon on the left is probably Fortunatus, who with Hermagoras is the co-patron of Apuleia.

The other deacon has been identified as St. Syrus, whom Hermagoras directed to take the Gospel to Pavia and who lived there as bishop "splendid in virtue and miracles" until his peaceful death. Owing to some confusion in the martyrologies, this St. Syrus shares his feast day of September 12 with St. Syrus of Pamphilia, a martyr. See the Acta Sanctorum, September vol. 4, 13 and July vol. 3, 249.

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Source: Wikimedia Commons