Jacopo Carucci (Pontormo)
The Supper at Emmaus

Oil on canvas, 90.6 x 68.1 in. (230 x 173 cm.). WCommons
Uffizi Gallery

Like so many others, this painting of the supper stresses its Eucharistic implications. ("They knew him in the breaking of the bread," Luke 24:35.) Only bread and wine are in evidence, and Christ blesses the bread with the same gesture a medieval priest would use at Mass. Even the plate at the center of the table is shaped like the paten on which the host is placed after the consecration.

German chalice and paten, circa 1400. (Photo: Jürgen Howaldt via Wikimedia Commons)
The men standing at Christ's right and left wear the habit of Carthusian monks. The paper on the floor gives the painting's date as 1527.

Information from the Web Gallery of Art: the painting was commissioned by the Carthusian monastery at Galluzzo; the "eye of God" at the top is a later addition.

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Source: Wikimedia Commons