Altarpiece of St. Clare

Tempera on panel, 107.5 x 65 in. (273 x 165 cm.)
Convent of St. Clare, Assisi

The portrait has Clare in her Franciscan habit pointing to a small processional cross.

The episodes are from Thomas of Celano's Life of St. Clare and read from bottom to top on the left and then from bottom to top on the right. The first episode is her reception of a palm from the bishop on Palm Sunday (Life 13-15); the second and third, her acceptance into the religious life (Life 14-17). The fourth is hard to identify.

On the right are three episodes in the saint's death. In the first, the Pope visits her deathbed (Life 65-66). In the second, the Blessed Virgin and a host of virgin saints cover her body with a mantle (Life 71). The third shows her sisters carrying away her casket. The top right image shows one of the many miracles gained through prayers the saint's intercession.

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Source: Picture Wikimedia Commons, image information Web Gallery of Art